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  • Plastic fruit crate mould maker

    FHM mould co.ltd is a professional china plastic foldable crate molds manufacturers and plastic crate moulds suppliers, which is specialized in designing, manufacturing and produce a variety of wholesale crate moulds and plastic products to international customers.

    FHM mould are located in Taizhou which called China mould town. Mold-related machines, technology sharing, and industrial integration in this region have brought great convenience to the manufacture and development of molds. FHM mould have a great advantage to set up here. Our main business is supply mould design,mould manufacturing and mould maintain to customer.

    What's the main mould we are made ? fruit crate mould, industry crate mould,storage container mould, 240L &120L dustbin mould,European standard pallet mould and some special customized pallet mould,pallet container mould,bucket mould, paint pail mould,chair mould,box mould and so on. All them are including housewares mould, logistics moulds, and food storage mould area.

    Plastic crate mould Industry Knowledge Extension

    As a distinguished industrial mold factory specializing in plastic products, we pride ourselves on our expertise in designing and manufacturing superior-quality molds for plastic crates, industrial turnover boxes, and specialized food and beverage plastic crates. Our commitment to precision engineering and innovation sets us apart, ensuring that our molds meet the diverse needs of industries engaged in material handling and storage.

    Plastic Crate Mould:

    Our Plastic Crate Mould is a testament to versatility and durability in material handling. Designed for applications across various industries, these molds produce plastic crates that excel in strength, stackability, and ease of handling. The robust design includes reinforced corners and walls, ensuring that the produced crates withstand the demands of transporting goods in manufacturing, logistics, and retail environments.

    The Plastic Crate Mould offers customization options, allowing manufacturers to produce crates of different sizes, configurations, and colors. This adaptability ensures that the crates meet the specific requirements of diverse industries. Our mold factory focuses on efficiency in production, delivering consistently high-quality plastic crates that optimize storage and transportation.

    Industrial Turnover Box Mold:

    Our Industrial Turnover Box Mold is tailored for heavy-duty applications in industrial settings. These molds produce turnover boxes with features such as interlocking mechanisms, reinforced walls, and ergonomic handles. The design ensures secure stacking, easy handling, and durability, making them ideal for manufacturing, distribution, and logistics industries where the safe transport of goods is paramount.

    The Industrial Turnover Box Mold supports customization to accommodate different sizes and configurations. The resulting turnover boxes offer a practical solution for the seamless flow of materials within industrial environments. Our mold factory prioritizes precision and quality control, guaranteeing that each turnover box meets stringent industry standards.

    Food/Beverage Plastic Crate Mould:

    Our Food/Beverage Plastic Crate Mould is designed with specific considerations for the unique requirements of the food and beverage industry. These molds produce crates that prioritize hygiene, easy cleaning, and safe transportation of perishable goods. The design includes smooth surfaces, rounded corners, and materials compliant with food-grade standards, ensuring the integrity of the transported products.

    The Food/Beverage Plastic Crate Mould allows for customization to meet industry-specific needs, including variations in size, color, and features. Whether used in the transportation of fresh produce or bottled beverages, these crates offer a reliable solution that aligns with food safety regulations. Our mold factory places a strong emphasis on using materials that are not only durable but also safe for contact with food items.

    Manufacturing Excellence:

    At our industrial mold factory, manufacturing excellence is at the core of our operations. Our molds, whether for Plastic Crates, Industrial Turnover Boxes, or Food/Beverage Plastic Crates, undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures. Precision engineering and innovative design ensure that each mold meets the unique demands of its intended application.

    Our manufacturing processes emphasize efficiency, resource optimization, and sustainability. From the selection of materials to the final production stages, we prioritize eco-friendly practices and adhere to international standards for quality and safety.

    In conclusion, our industrial mold factory is dedicated to providing exceptional solutions for material handling and storage across diverse industries. The Plastic Crate Mould, Industrial Turnover Box Mold, and Food/Beverage Plastic Crate Mould showcase our commitment to meeting the specific needs of each industry segment. Through precision engineering, customization options, and a focus on industry-specific requirements, our molds contribute to enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring the safe and reliable transport of goods in various industrial applications.


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