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Plastic laundry basket mould

Key Features are :

Laundry mould with perfect cooling channel system;

Experienced designer design great laundry mould.

At the same level, the high-quality steel will be used;

FHM mould has many  years of experience on the research,design,manufacture and sales of plastic molds.With years of development,we have formed our own characteristic in mould design and manufacture.Most of the molds have been exported to Europe ,USA,Middle East,Australia,India and Asia area.Till now FHM mould has served customers in more than 25 countries worldwide.

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  • Plastic laundry mould manufacturer

    FHM mould is plastic injection mould manufacturer ,which is located in huangyan, taizhou city,china. We are specialized in making different type of houseward mould.plastic bucket mould.laundry mould.basket mould.basin bin mould,storage box mould.


    Plastic laundry mould manufacturer

    FHM mould is one of  professional plastic moulded houseward mould manufacturer.We offer different size,shape and design of houseward  mould according customer's requirements. FHM mould have experience plastic bucket mould.laundry mould.basket mould.basin bin mould,storage box mould.

    There are experienced team special for houseward mould the complete solution of high precision houseward moulds can be offered according to customers' ideas, from mouldflow analysis, product design optimization, mould design improvement and plastic parts production, which would ensure the smooth surface of houseward mould.

    We are still developing our technology in the houseward molding to offer the better and better solutions for the houseward  moulds.

    Plastic laundry basket mould Industry Knowledge Extension

    Step into a new era of laundry organization with our state-of-the-art Plastic Laundry Basket Mould, Plastic Dirty Clothes Basket Mould, and Plastic Square Clothing Storage Basket. Engineered for durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, these moulds redefine the laundry experience, providing versatile and stylish storage solutions for every household.

    Precision-Crafted Laundry Solutions:

    Plastic Laundry Basket Mould:

    Our Plastic Laundry Basket Mould is the cornerstone of efficient laundry organization. Crafted with precision engineering, this mould ensures the production of baskets that are not only robust and durable but also designed to streamline the laundry process. The mould allows for the creation of baskets with ergonomic handles, making transportation and handling a breeze.

    Plastic Dirty Clothes Basket Mould:

    The Plastic Dirty Clothes Basket Mould is designed to meet the specific needs of separating and organizing dirty laundry. Featuring compartments or sections, this mould empowers manufacturers to produce baskets that enable users to sort clothes easily, enhancing the overall efficiency of the laundry routine. The moulded baskets can be easily integrated into any laundry room or bedroom, offering a stylish and practical solution for managing dirty clothes.

    Plastic Square Clothing Storage Basket:

    Elevate your clothing storage with our Plastic Square Clothing Storage Basket. This mould combines functionality with a modern aesthetic, producing square-shaped baskets that fit seamlessly into various spaces. The square design maximizes storage capacity while adding a touch of contemporary style to any room. These baskets are perfect for neatly organizing folded clothes or accessories.

    Key Features and Advantages:

    Durable and Long-Lasting Design:

    Our Plastic Basket Moulds prioritize durability. Crafted from high-quality materials, these moulds ensure the production of baskets that withstand the rigors of daily use. Whether used for carrying laundry or storing clothes, our moulded baskets are designed to provide long-lasting solutions for household organization.

    Versatile Storage Solutions:

    The versatility of our moulds is a key selling point. The Plastic Laundry Basket Mould, Plastic Dirty Clothes Basket Mould, and Plastic Square Clothing Storage Basket offer versatile storage solutions for different aspects of the laundry process. From sorting dirty clothes to organizing clean ones, our moulds cater to the diverse needs of modern households.

    Innovative Design Features:

    The design features incorporated into our moulds are aimed at enhancing user experience. Ergonomic handles in the Plastic Laundry Basket Mould facilitate easy carrying, while compartmentalized sections in the Plastic Dirty Clothes Basket Mould simplify the process of sorting laundry. The Plastic Square Clothing Storage Basket, with its modern square design, adds a touch of elegance to storage solutions.

    Efficient Laundry Organization:

    Our moulds contribute to efficient laundry organization by offering designated spaces for different tasks. The Plastic Laundry Basket Mould ensures a seamless transportation process, the Plastic Dirty Clothes Basket Mould simplifies sorting, and the Plastic Square Clothing Storage Basket optimizes space for neatly folded clothes. Together, these moulds create a comprehensive laundry organization system.

    Manufacturing Excellence:

    Precision Tooling:

    Our journey begins with precision tooling, where expert designers create detailed plans for the moulds. Advanced technology is employed to craft high-quality moulds that guarantee accuracy and consistency in the production of each basket.

    Innovative Cooling Solutions:

    The moulds are equipped with innovative cooling solutions to optimize the manufacturing process. This not only speeds up production cycles but also enhances the overall quality of the moulded baskets.

    Quality Control Measures:

    Rigorous quality control measures are implemented at every stage of the manufacturing process. From material inspection to final product validation, our team ensures that each Plastic Laundry Basket, Plastic Dirty Clothes Basket, and Plastic Square Clothing Storage Basket meets or exceeds industry standards.

    In conclusion, our Plastic Basket Moulds redefine the landscape of laundry organization. Whether it's the Plastic Laundry Basket, Plastic Dirty Clothes Basket, or Plastic Square Clothing Storage Basket, each mould is a testament to precision engineering, durability, and innovative design. Elevate your laundry experience with our moulds – where functionality meets style, and organization meets efficiency.


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