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Plastic rack mould

Key Features are :

Rack molds with perfect cooling channel system;

Experienced designer design great rack mould ;

At the same level, the high-quality steel will be used;

FHM mould has many  years of experience on the research,design,manufacture and sales of plastic molds.With years of development,we have formed our own characteristic in mould design and manufacture.Most of the molds have been exported to Europe ,USA,Middle East,Australia,India and Asia area.Till now FHM mould has served customers in more than 25 countries worldwide.

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  • Plastic Rack mould manufacturer

    FHM mould is plastic injection mould manufacturer ,which is located in huangyan, taizhou city,china. We are specialized in making different type of houseward mould.plastic bucket mould.laundry mould.basket mould.basin bin mould,storage box mould. Rack mould


    Plastic rack mould manufacturer

    FHM mould is one of  professional plastic moulded houseward mould manufacturer.We offer different size,shape and design of houseward  mould according customer's requirements. FHM mould have experience plastic bucket mould.laundry mould.basket mould.basin bin mould,storage box mould.

    There are experienced team special for houseward mould the complete solution of high precision houseward moulds can be offered according to customers' ideas, from mouldflow analysis, product design optimization, mould design improvement and plastic parts production, which would ensure the smooth surface of houseward mould.

    We are still developing our technology in the houseward molding to offer the better and better solutions for the houseward  moulds.

    Plastic rack mould Industry Knowledge Extension

    Elevate Your Space with Precision-Engineered Plastic Rack Moulds

    Precision Engineering for Exceptional Racks:

    Our Plastic Rack Mould is a masterpiece of precision engineering, designed to produce racks that seamlessly integrate into various settings. From industrial storage to household organization, this mould is versatile, offering a myriad of design possibilities to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our mould ensures that each rack is of the highest quality, providing a reliable and durable storage solution.

    Versatility Unleashed – Plastic Storage Rack Mould:

    The Plastic Storage Rack Mould takes versatility to new heights, catering to the evolving demands of modern storage solutions. Our mould enables manufacturers to produce storage racks with adjustable shelves, ensuring adaptability to different item sizes. The result is a storage solution that maximizes space utilization while maintaining an organized and clutter-free environment.

    Crafting Household Elegance – Household Shelf Mould:

    Enter the realm of household elegance with our Household Shelf Mould. Designed with aesthetics in mind, this mould produces shelves that not only serve their functional purpose but also enhance the visual appeal of any space. Whether used in living rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms, our mould ensures that the household shelves are as stylish as they are practical.

    Key Selling Points:

    Customization Beyond Limits:

    Our Plastic Rack Mould, Plastic Storage Rack Mould, and Household Shelf Mould boast extensive customization options. Tailor the design, dimensions, and color of your racks to suit your brand identity or seamlessly integrate into specific spaces. This level of customization ensures that each product is a unique reflection of individual preferences and requirements.

    Durable Design for Longevity:

    The durability of our moulds is a cornerstone of our product offering. Crafted from high-quality materials, the Plastic Rack Mould guarantees that the produced racks can withstand heavy loads and daily wear and tear. This durability translates to a longer lifespan for the end products, providing consumers with a reliable and long-lasting storage solution.

    Efficient Manufacturing Process:

    Our manufacturing process is streamlined for efficiency without compromising on quality. The Plastic Storage Rack Mould and Household Shelf Mould undergo a meticulous production process that includes precision tooling, innovative cooling solutions, and rigorous quality control measures. This ensures that each moulded rack meets or exceeds industry standards, setting a new benchmark for efficiency in manufacturing.

    Space Optimization and Organization:

    The design of our moulds is centered around maximizing space utilization and promoting organization. The adjustable shelves in the Plastic Storage Rack Mould allow users to customize their storage space, while the thoughtful design of the Household Shelf Mould adds a touch of elegance to organized living. Our moulds redefine the concept of storage, making it both functional and visually pleasing.

    Manufacturing Process:

    Design and Prototyping:

    Our journey begins with the conceptualization and design phase, where our expert designers craft detailed plans for the moulds. Prototypes are then created and tested for functionality and aesthetic appeal.

    Precision Tooling:

    The approved designs move on to the precision tooling phase, where high-quality moulds are crafted with advanced technology. This step is crucial for ensuring the accuracy and consistency of each produced rack.

    Innovative Cooling Solutions:

    The moulds are equipped with innovative cooling solutions to optimize the manufacturing process. This not only speeds up production cycles but also enhances the overall quality of the moulded racks.

    Quality Control Measures:

    Rigorous quality control measures are implemented throughout the manufacturing process. From material inspection to final product validation, our team ensures that each Plastic Rack, Plastic Storage Rack, and Household Shelf meets the highest industry standards.

    In conclusion, our Plastic Rack Mould, Plastic Storage Rack Mould, and Household Shelf Mould represent the epitome of excellence in plastic mould manufacturing. With unmatched customization, durability, and efficiency in manufacturing, these moulds redefine the possibilities of storage solutions. Elevate your spaces with our precision-engineered moulds – where innovation meets organization, and functionality meets aesthetics.


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